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Storage Tank vs. Tankless Water Heaters: Which One Is For You?

Did you know that there is more than one type of water heater that you can choose for your home?

We still encounter people who think that their only option for a water heater is the size of the storage tank for the system. But that is no longer true.

Modern technology has changed a lot of things, including water heaters. Today, you can enjoy choosing from a storage tank water heater or a tankless water heater in Bellevue, WA. Let’s talk about the pros and cons of these systems.

First, let’s talk about storage tank water heaters

Storage tank water heaters are a classic and they are what most people are familiar with. These involve the use of a multi-gallon storage tank that holds water and keeps it heated to a certain temperature at all times, ready for use whenever you need it.

These water heaters are great for homes with high hot water demands. They ensure that hot water is always available and high demand is unlikely to leave anyone waiting for more hot water to be created.

The downside with these systems is that they struggle with “stand-by heat loss.” While these systems work hard to keep a tank of water hot, it means they have to use extra energy heating and reheating that water until it is used.

Next, let’s look at tankless “on-demand” water heaters

Firstly, yes, it is entirely possible to have a hot water system that doesn’t use a tank.

Tankless water heaters heat up water if and when it is demanded—hence the “on-demand” in the name. Whenever you turn on a hot water tap, the tankless water heater gets to work and provides you with a steady flow of hot water until the tap is turned off.

Tankless systems have a lot of perks that come with them including increased energy efficiency, increased water savings, and great reliability. Plus, since they don’t include a tank, they take up far less space too.

The downside to these systems is that they can get overloaded. If you have two people showering at once and then someone trying to wash the dishes, you may discover that a tankless system struggles to keep up.

Which is the right choice for your home?

Figuring out which water heater is the right one for your home can feel tricky. We would all love the water savings that a tankless water heater offers, but would it be able to keep up with the demands in your home?

If you feel unsure which option is best, you can always talk to a professional technician to make the decision a bit easier. A technician can assess your home’s hot water needs and help you determine which system will meet those needs the best. From there you can rely on our professionals to perform an expert installation and provide ongoing support to keep your system running right for years to come.

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