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What Is the Difference Between a Central AC and a Heat Pump?

Modern technology has made it possible to enjoy some incredible conveniences in our homes. You can adjust your thermostat from your phone. You can access the wealth of human knowledge with the internet. And you can keep your home at the most comfortable temperature on the least comfortable days of the year with the right HVAC system.

Notice how we said the right HVAC system in Bellevue, WA? We aren’t here to talk badly about any AC unit or heater. However, we do want you to be aware that not every type of system matches the needs and wants of every home and resident. What works best for your neighbor may not be the right system for your needs and vice versa.

The first step to getting the right system in your home is to know a little more about your options. Let’s look at the two main types of air conditioners you’ll be choosing from: central ACs and heat pumps.

How they are the same

Central air conditioners and heat pumps do have some big similarities. First and foremost, they use refrigerant to transfer heat out of the house. Second, they both are able to deliver the cooled air that they produce to the different parts of your home. Additionally, these systems can be set up to produce zone control and both require an expert technician to keep them working properly.

How they differ

There are also some differences between central air conditioners and heat pump mini splits. These differences can be what help determine which types of system works the best to meet your needs.

Central air conditioners are going to be set up only to cool your home. They are great for larger spaces, require a bit more square footage for the physical system, and require ductwork to operate.

Heat pump mini splits, by contrast, have the ability to reverse their refrigerant flow. This makes them great for anyone who needs both a heating and cooling system. Along with this, heat pumps have ductless options so you can install them even if you don’t have ductwork.

What factors to consider when choosing

Heat pumps and central air conditioners are both great comfort system options for homes throughout the area. Knowing the differences between these systems is important in helping you choose the right one, but you also need to consider some additional factors such as:

  • If you have ductwork or what the quality of your ductwork is.
  • The square footage of space that needs to be cooled.
  • Whether you need cooling alone or both heating and cooling.
  • How much energy you want to save.
  • How much physical space you have to house the system itself.

These are highly important factors to consider while choosing your next system.

Get your next system installed with expert help

Selecting a new air conditioner is no small decision. You want to make sure you have the one that will meet your comfort needs. The best way to do this is to work with a professional.

The technicians on our team are here to help with the selection of your next comfort system, along with an expert installation and sizing.

Contact WSB HVAC today to schedule your next HVAC system installation and any other services you may need. Connecting you to comfort.

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