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Now Is the Time to Get an AC Tune-Up

We are slowly seeing hints of the warm days to come. Soon, you’ll be able to turn your heater off for the season. But before you start to rely constantly on your air conditioner, you will need to make sure that your system is ready to perform.

The best way to help prepare your AC system for the work ahead of it is with professional air conditioner maintenance in Bellevue, WA. This is a service that can be thought of as similar to training before a marathon. It can help ensure that the AC is ready to perform and prevent a lot of other trouble in the long run. Read on to learn more and schedule your appointment with our team today.

5 Reasons Why Maintenance Is Worth It

Now is a great time to take care of your air conditioner maintenance. Here are some reasons why:

1. It optimizes energy efficiency

Regular yearly maintenance is going to help your AC system operate with better energy efficiency. Maintenance can actually prevent a big drop (about 5%) in your system’s efficiency level. This means that it will operate with steady energy use, rather than needing extra energy to get the same job done.

2. It improves system operation

Another great reason to get a tune-up for your AC is to help ensure that the system is able to do its job correctly and effectively. Issues that would otherwise hinder your system’s ability to create cool air, such as dirt build-up, will be cleared away to ensure your air conditioner works right.

3. It reduces the chances of repair needs

No one wants to encounter a large number of repairs. After all, they can be pricy! You’ll be happy to hear that regular maintenance each year can reduce the need for repairs. In fact, it can prevent up to 85% of the repairs that your system would need otherwise over the course of its lifespan.

4. It keeps energy bills reasonable

Want to prevent a large increase in your energy bills each season? If so, make sure to schedule your maintenance appointment. Maintenance keeps your system running efficiently, which will also mean that it won’t create spikes in your monthly bills.

5. It extends your system lifespan

Last but not least, you will enjoy a longer amount of time with your air conditioner when you schedule maintenance each year. An annual tune-up can mean the difference between your system lasting 10 years versus 15 years.

Added Perks From Our Maintenance Program

Ready to book your yearly maintenance appointment? If so, you may want to consider signing up for our maintenance program too! This program will offer you added discounts and other perks to make maintenance that much more beneficial.

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